Saturday, January 23, 2021
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About Me

I’m here for one purpose, to further the art of brewing and to spread the good news that involves all things that include alcohol from light beer to hard whiskey from Bravus (0.5% abv) to Bruichladdich X4 Quadrupled Whiskey (92%abv)….never had that one, but I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

I attempt to be a  complete recipe designer, brew day planner, and journal-er. The details make the difference between an average batch of home brew and a truly excellent brew that is repeatable. I attempt to automate the details, and guide you through the brewing process, and record all the data in a simple easy to understand manner so someone with no experience can easily pick it up and brew like a pro.

Never lose a recipe, especially the one that turned out to be your best beer ever (Hefeweizen):

A former brewer we know had a really awesome experience brewing on his first time. It was an IPA, and according to that brewer, it was the best IPA he had ever tasted. Unfortunately, that guy lost the recipe. When he went back to the home brew store, they had no idea which IPA he was talking about. His second batch was not so good. Then he lost heart and stopped brewing. What a shame! If only he had used a Journal and took a chemist’s approach to the method, the information would have been preserved and perhaps he’d still be brewing today?

Avoid botched batches due to human error:

Mistakes happen in the brewing process, especially if you cracked a cold one in the middle of the brew! The system automatically creates a list of brew steps to follow on brew day. Ever forget to add brewing salts, or miss a hops addition? With Brewer’s Friend that won’t happen. The system supports a conventional print out of the brew steps, and an interactive brew timer which you can walk through the brew as it happens.

Repeat your results and analyze the outcome:

When you create a brew, you may make a ‘snapshot’ of the recipe. That way if you make a slight detour on brew day, everything is accounted for correctly in the system. No other tool out there makes accurate record keeping that simple! After the brew is done, and you have entered your gravity reading and volume, Brewer’s Friend automatically calculates your efficiency, water usage, and ABV. The ability to log tasting notes after the fact, along side a complete record of everything you did with the batch helps you see what you did right or wrong.

Save time:

Keeping notes by hand, or cobbling together online calculators takes serious time. Just think of calculating IBU, SRM, water volume, mash steps, and OG before you can even begin to brew. We used to do this at first, and it was fun maybe the first couple times, but then it became a chore and got in the way of brewing. The recipe builder takes care of all this for you! Imagine, in less than 15 seconds you can go from recipe to a plan of action and be ready to fire the kettle. Proceed with total confidence that your brew day is going to rock!