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Beer popper broke, RIP Breacher.

Beer popper broke, RIP Breacher. My popper broke!

Yes this is a mishap post.  There’s nothing worse than holding an ice cold brewski on a hot summer day and having no way to open it. If you’re a Bud fan, you’ll have no problem opening the bottle because most mass-market beers have twist-off caps. But if you have a taste for finer, more expensive brews, you’ll more than likely run into the pry-off caps.

Pry-offs are used mainly because companies believe it provides a better seal against one of beer’s greatest enemies—oxygen. Plus it’s a cheaper alternative for craft brewers than using screw tops.

But let’s get back to actually popping off that pry-off. If you don’t have a bottle opener handy, and you’re not willing to injure your hand trying to pull it off, then you’ll need to get in tune with your inner MacGyver. If you’re a smoker, your lighter works great. But what if you don’t smoke? What are the other DIY bottle opener options out there?  I know what you’re thinkin, “Dude! its just a beer breach that bottle and get to work!”


But if you want to be a little more practical, I’d go the safer route…

Firstly, the most likely instance is that you have another beer bottle on hand, which makes for a great bottle opener. Just hold one bottle upside-down, cap to cap to the other one, and apply pressure. As long as you aren’t drinking the last beer in the fridge, this trick is a serious one to have in your arsenal.

Use your iPad’s power adapter to open your bottle. You just need to pull the little wall plug (or cord) off and use the AC adapter as your bottle opener. This will also work with yout Mac’s power adapters.

3) Wedding Ring

What could be more convenient to use as a bottle opener than your wedding ring?

last but definitely craziest I’ve seen

4) Chainsaw

This is not a test of courage but a litmus test to see if Darwinism is in fact a thing.  I don’t recommend doing this last one unless you seriously know what you’re doing. That being said, it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! I mean, c’mon… it’s a freaking chainsaw.

more madness?

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