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Premium Russian Imperial Stout set to release in March.


Gigantic Most MOST Premium Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout ReleaseFrom Gigantic:

Russian Imperial Stout Release Party Saturday, March 14th!
Our beloved Most Premium Russian Imperial Stout has been aging in barrels for many months transforming into the Most MOST Premium beer around.
We are excited for our annual release of Bourbon barrel aged Most Most, this year we are also adding small batch barrel versions aged in Scotch, Rye and Maple barrels.  Each beer is aged and perfected through months of waiting as a part of our barrel age program.  We then select the perfect barrels to blend together for an exquisite flavour experience.
We are ready to bring you the results at a release party on Saturday, March 14th where both Bourbon and Small Batch Barrel versions versions will be available in bottles, as well as Bourbon barrel aged on draft.  Join us for this special, limited release of Most Most Premium Russian Imperial Stout. 

Out Now!
Cloudberries Hazy IPA

Travel Through the Clouds With Us

We loved the fruity flavors of this beer so much, and not to mention the beautiful label art by Jenny Bird , that we decided we couldn’t do Spring this year without it.  The jolly rancher fruity plus passionfruit notes in Grüngeist hops, combined with the cane berry, mango and citrus notes of Mosaic hops bring this mythical beast of a beer to life!  Travel through the clouds with us to a place so fruity, you’ll wonder how we got there on hops alone.  Cloudberries is now available on draft and in bottles in our taproom, as well as your favorite beer bars across OR & WA.

These two seem like they would be interesting to try.  Not super into any drink with the word berry in the title, 2020 is going to be a huge year for new beer flavors as well as new spirits.  Hopefully it will not end up being full of half-baked garbage water.  I’m not doing this blog to bash beer quite the contrary I am doing it to try, give thoughts and compliment the work these brewers have done, but if its bad then I’ll be sure to comment in that fashion.

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