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The reemergence of craft brewing

Craft beer: as a movement from bottom to top fermentation. The reemergence of craft brewing

Different cultures and different civilization historically produced a number of fermented beverages/beer with different raw materials, which allowed them to have different attributes and different names. Beer is a relatively simple fermented product, mainly water in its composition, which makes easily produced locally; however, for a long time the difficulty to move long distances permits to flourish craft brewers everywhere in the world [19]. However, at present, it is not an impediment due to technological advances and transportation progress.

The craft beer movement or revolution began in the USA after the 13 years of national prohibition of alcohol or “the noble experiment” 1919–1933. In 1965, Fritz Maytag, the man of the craft beer renaissance, bought the Anchor Steam Beer Company of San Francisco with a capacity of 50,000 barrels and developed it as a craft brewery outlet. Regarding the USA, this was the milestone to the expanding innovation and an increasing trend in terms of production and sales of beers with differentiated quality.

Even though this movement marked a shift in several countries recently, to mention some, in 1988 the earliest brewpub lay foundation in Italy, while in the Netherlands the craft revolution rouse during the year 1981, in Australia, craft brewing started late 1984. At the same time, it is very difficult to put a time limit for the beginning of craft beer production in some European countries like the UK, Belgium and Germany where these countries were either with a long tradition in “special beers” or the historical existence of small and local producers back to the 1970’s.  That was a great bit of history, however lets fast forward to more recent events.

I started with one of Northern Brewers kits shown at the link is the exact kit minus the keg station I ordered.  In retrospect I really didn’t need the entire kit but it did come with a very handy bit of instructional how to’s as well as some very durable glass bubblers which are essential to the entire process.  I assume since you are reading this little article you are aware of the process and the follies that tend to follow.  More of these posts will continue as well.  Back to home.

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